Climb project news

FHWN Aerospace Engineering, December 16, 2021

Seven years ago, we started with the nanosatellite program at the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt. The first satellite, PEGASUS, was launched in 2017 and is still working very well after 4 ½ years in orbit. Now, for our upcoming satellite CLIMB, we are expanding our capabilities. In order to facilitate some of our mission objectives, we have installed a S-Band antenna as part of our ground station. The antenna has a diameter of 4.5 m and is suitable for a large range of frequencies, including the CLIMB frequency of 2.442 GHz but even for frequencies up to 11 GHz. It is a perfect tool for satellite communication and for education. Thanks to the FH for funding this!


The photo montage is composed as follows: (1) assembling the S-Band antenna, (2) mounting it on the roof, (3) enjoying the view (4) all the people who helped (left to right: Rudolf Pfeffer, Fabian Pfeffer, Alexander Spanjol, Christian Matkovits, Michael Happl, Gerhard Burian, Abhishek Goswami, Carsten Scharlemann, Gerhard Lemmerer, Martin Rhabek, Franz Berner, Hannes Zottel, (5) visiting our ground station (left to right Carsten Scharlemann, Armin Mahr, Rudolf Pfeffer, Klaus Schneeberger, Gerhard Burian)