New collaborations

Cubesat, February 21, 2020

We are very happy to announce two important collaborations we were able to establish in the framework of our CubeSat program.

In order to boost our capability to predict the orbit propagation and to assess and mitigate collision probabilities, we have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the German company Okapi:orbits ( The goal of the cooperation is to use CLIMB as a case study to assess how such complicated missions can be conducted in a space environment which becomes more and more cluttered.

The CubeSat community is based on sharing information and helping each other. In this spirit we have signed a cooperation agreement with the CubeSat Team PERUN from the Adriatic Aerospace Association in Croatia ( Croatia is not yet a member of the European Space Agency but aspires to be a full member in the near future. The PERUN team is doing their first steps to conquer space and we are happy to join them in this endeavor. Based on this cooperation agreement we will organize an exchange of students and provide technical support to each other. Furthermore, an open exchange of knowledge and expertise shall foster a productive environment with the goal to enable everybody who likes to be part of this fantastic experience to develop and fly to do so. A first possibility for such an exchange is the “Deep Space Communication, Navigation and Propulsion” Conference in April in Brijuni, Croatia (